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* New - Greek & Phoenician Colonies with interactive Flash map.

** Newer - World coins during the time of Trajan - also an interactive flash map.

Picture of coins in the above image was taken by Caroll Gibson. They are plasters casts of coins from the Hunt collection.

Pictures from my March 30 visit to White Station High School - A service of Ancient Coins for Education.

Welcome to the site! It is continuously growing and being updated so please visit often. I have attempted to make this a user-friendly, informative site with numerous resources (including tables, and downloadble posters and maps) and links provided throughout. I began collecting ancient coins in 1998. You will find that I have several areas of collecting interest. My two primary collecting areas are coins of Trajan (well over 200 coins) and Greek silver. However, I also have smaller collections of coins from the Roman Republic during the decade of Sulla (90 - 80 BCE), figural bronzes of the Islamic Zengid and Artuqid dynasties, and coins with astronomical symbols (All of which reside in a safety deposit box at a local bank.).
If you find errors or have comments, please contact me. My email address is provided under the Links tab above. - T. B.

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