Ancient Coin Resources and Links

The Internet has a wealth of information for advanced and beginning collectors. The adage of buy the book before you buy the coin, could be rephrased to; surf the net before you buy. The references listed here are the ones I am familiar with and have used to develop my understanding of the hobby. The list of dealers includes those with whom I have purchased directly. I have found all in the ancient coin businesses to be friendly and helpful. I am sure there are many more great dealers who should and will be added to the list.

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Coin Databases

Coin Archives .com
A searchable database of catalog sales - Over 51,000 coins and prices realized.
Dirty Old Coins
A nice database of Roman coins and prices realized.
This is a truely amazing searchable catalogue of Ancient coins. Dave Suber has made attribution of ancients fun and easy. There are more coins listed here than in all 5 volumes of the David Sear Series. Many dealers advertise on the opening page if you scroll down. A must see - go there right now!
Classical Numismatic Group, Inc.
A very fine dealer site with extensive archives of high quality, informative articles. Highly recommended for those who wish to learn more about ancient coins. May need a free membership to access some features; archive searching is free.

Greek coins at the University of Aarhus.
An extensive collection of Greek and Republican coins with a very easy to use search engine.

ANS Database.
One of the most extensive online search engines.

The Fitzwilliam Museum
Search their online catalogue. A search of Trajan revealed 332 high quality coins.

Tantalus Coin registry
The new kid on the block. Register your coins here and search the 13,000 coins already there.


Ancient Coins for Education
What a great idea! This group assists schools and students in learning about the hobby and ancient history. Their Yahoo group site provides ongoing info on the project.
Ancient Coin Collectors Guild
Is the hobby being threatened by legislation? Check this out before it is too late.
Ancient Roman and Greek Coins, FAQ.
A useful question and answer site with some wide-ranging questions, by Warren Esty. Warren has added a very interesting site on Ancient Coin imitations.
Barry & Darling Ancient Coins
Much useful information. While there visit Get Connected and join the online chat list Moneta L. I've learened more on this list than anywhere else.
Doug Smith's Ancient Greek & Roman Coins
Numismatic Topics from One Collector's Point of View. Invaluable info. Influenced the way I collect. IF you are new to collecting, go there now. If you are not new, still go there now.
The invention of coinage.
Nice page by the world coin catalog concerning the parallel birth of coinage in Lydia, India, and China.
Money and Monuments..
From the Hunterian Museum, Glasgow. The site has beautiful coins depicting famous buildings and cities of the ancient world.
There is also searchable database of their coin collection. The coinage of Ephesus.
Nice site provided by Macquarie University.
A wealth of information from Lawrence Universtiy.
Nice coin images with histories, and great articles on minting and other coin-related topics.
Roman and Greek Fourees (conemporary counterfeits).
Extensive listing by Aaron Emigh
Sixbid Auction Results has prices realized with pictures of some of the elite auction houses. There are hundreds of rare and beautiful coins to surf through. A real wish book of coins. There may also be a few ongoing auctions listed.
A wonderful collection of ancient coins set in their historical context.


Amazing morphing Athens tetradrachms
Worth a visit - watch the tet morph over 300+ yrs.
More about Athens' tetradrachms
Scroll down to the pic of the die. I found that interesting.
Coins of Miletus
Well constructed pages with very good information about some of the earliest coinage.
Coins of Ephesus
From Macquarie University in Australia.
Bugs on Greek coins
Given my last name, I just could not pass this up.
Corinthian Staters
What all those devices that appear behind Athena tell us about Greek Life. A virtual smithsonian exhibit.

Coinage of Illyria
Wonderful educational site by Dr. Gyula Petranyi
Gorgons of Parion
Interesting article on these fascinating coins by Ed Snible.
Historia Numorum, by Barclay Head
Ed Snible and volunteers have put up this classic reference for Greek Coins.
Athens Numismatic Museum
A virtual tour of the museum housed in Schliemann's mansion. I visited here recently and was very impressed.
Greek coins of Magna Grecia
Searchable index or clickable map of Italian/Syracusan Greek coins (Magna Graecia). Very nice site.
A celebration of Arethusa
Coins of Syracuse from Drexel University.
J.N. Svoronos©– classic work on Ptolemaic coinage
Now online with photo plates at Edward J. Waddell's coins.
Carlo Morino's Velia page


Rarity scale for Republican bronze and much more.
From Andrew McCabe.
Ashmolean Museum's database of provincial coinage from the Antonine era.
A truly magnificent resource. I hope they expand this to earlier periods - like Trajan's reign for example.
Roman coins with a Britannia theme.
Covili.'s Coins of Roman Egypt
Slick site of Michael J. Covili. Features coins and resources on this topic.
Warren Esty's Guide to Late Roman AE coin types, AD 364-450 and much more:
A Complete List = Valentinian I through Theodosius II and Valentinian III A wonderful resource for collectors of Late Roman AE coins. Types, rarities, and commentary. Also, type sets by emperor.

Forvm Ancient Coin's Attribution Assist Engine
Joseph Sermarini is the proprietor of FORVM and I've found his system very helpful in attributing coins where you can only see a few letters of the obverse inscriptions. There are coins for sale, too.
Provincial coins of Gordian III
Michael Mihalka's specialization.
Campgates with a twist
Tom Oberhofer's trreatise on similarities between Roman and Carolignian coins with this reverse motif.
Quadriga Coins
This is dealer site by educator Kevin Colosa. One of my first stops with a variety of helpful articles.
Sear's Eight Hundred Years of Roman Coinage,
by David R. Sear. If you can't have his books, read this article and then link back to his main site.
Coins of Severus Alexander
Kevin's site dedicated to Severus Alexander. Coins and background on this nice site.
Coins of Philip I
Excellent site on coins of Philip I by Jim Shaffer
Ancient Coins of the Balkan Peninsula by Nikola Moushmov
Dave Surber of Wildwinds Produced this translation from Bulgarian of an invaluable resource for those who collect Roman Provincial coins.
Fred Thiel's Roma site
It will make you want to book a flight to Italy
Ray Wilk's site
on Roman Provincial Campgate coins. A coin type that is fast growing in popularity. Fascinating glimpses into history here.
The Imperial Tattler
Scott Uhrick's hillarious and educational site detailing the soap opera tales of ancient Rome.
Roman Republican coin publications
an anthology with commentary by Andrew McCabe.
Virtual Catalog of Roman Coins
A wonderful, searchable site for education, attribution or simply upgrading knowledge on Roman coinage. A must visit site.
Late Roman Monograms
John McIntosh' site about these signatures on tiny late Roman bronze coins.
Byzantine Gold Coins
A site by Glen woods.
Warren Esty's guide to late Roman ae coinage
excellent and thorough site - among his many.
Ancient Roman coin finds in the Ohio Valley FAQ.
The story of the coin find in 1963 on the bluffs of the Ohio - with links to the Roman "finds" in Kentucky????

Other Ancient Coins

The source for everything Parthian - by Chris Hopkins.
The history of Sasania with lovely coin illustrations. This is a museum exhibit that has been placed in downloadable PDF files. Very nice!


Celtic Coin Index
New as of 9/02. I do believe this is THE site to go for Celtic coins. As of mid September, only English Celtic tribes are included.
Bill Blank's site
Very nice site with high quality photos. Specializes in Celtic Coins.

Biblical Coins

Pilate Coins
Coins of PontiusPilate.
Another impressive site with "die by die indexing, classification and representation of Biblical coins".
Very nice site by Mel Wacks from the Jewish Museum in Hyperspace.
Jerusalem Coins
Biblical coins from Seleukid to Rome. Very impressive sight with striking coin photos.

Indian/Eastern Asia

A very fine site for those interested in coins of India.
Museum site featuring INDIAN COINS
Another interesting site for those interested in coins of India.
Kavan's site
on coins of Sri Lanka. Great coin images and wonderful background information!
Another very nice site on Chinese coins. There is a page for beginning collectors like me.
Extensive site with coins and attribution resources.


Anatolian Coins
Lovely site with neat resources. Features Islamic coins from the region around Turkey.
Tom Mallon's site.
Coins from the Arab-Sassanians through the Ottoman empire..
Tom Mallon's site again.
Coins from the Sassanian empire.
The Golden Horde Coins.
Nice site in both Russian and English.


Tom Oberhofer's Site
French and English Medieval coins.
Jim's Medieval Coins - Virtual Tour
An instructive site and tour of Jim's medieval coin collection.
Andrew's page of Greek and Norman Sicily


Heather Howard's wonderful site
featuring her collection in a slick, easy to use, searchable format
William Peter's
Great AERATVS site featuring Roman Provincial coins.
Dave Garstang's site
Another recently addicted collector
Beast's Coins
Zach Beasely has a great site. He has info on specific types of coins such as Campgates, his specialty. There's a patron saint of numismatics??? He's on Beast's pages.
Dennis Rider's collection
w/ Clickable map and background on regions in classical times
Mark Lehman's collection
An very attractive site and an eclectic collection in memory of Ruth and Louise McCollum.
Mr Caulkin's eclectic collection
Very nice collection with a top 50 coin feature that rates his coins by price. Nice Roman resources too.
Jim Phelps' virtual collection
featuring Gallienus' Zoo
Petrik Clarberg 's collection
Small collection of Romans with history and links for each emperor.
Andrew Thall's site

John Macintosh's Pegasus collection

Ken Browning's collection
Later Roman Empire and a bit more.
Coins of the Ancient World
A Nicely designed site with the private collection of John Sanford.
Matt Sersch's site:
All kinds of coins of the emperor Trajan. Some gems here, but I am biased.
Jan de Veen' collection:
Roman Imperial coins in a wonderful collecting format.
The collection of ras:
Roman imperial coins in the neatest format possible.
Tom Ross' site:
Tom's using the same wonderful format for his coins as ras.
Dawson Lewis'
Probus and military bust coinage with nicely arranged references to Roman Imperial Coins.
Grzegorz Kryszczuk
Another Terrific site on Probus
William Peter's (AERATVS)
a nice site with Roman Provincials.
Richard Baker's site
dedicated to Countermarks on Roman coins. Fascinating specialty.
Brett Telford's collection
of 12 Ceasar portrait denarii and asses, Judean/Biblical coins of the Twelve Caesars, and Thracian Chersonese Half Drachms
Steve Clayton's collection
He has some good advice for beginners and some of the prices he paid on Ebay.
Greg and Paul
put this site together on English Three Pence coins.


Cohen Catalog.
Books I through IV -67 BC - 238 AD of Cohen [1880] are now online and free. It helps if you can read French.
Ancient Coins of the Balkan Peninsula by Nikola Moushmov
Dave Surber of Wildwinds Produced this translation from Bulgarian of an invaluable resource for those who collect Roman Provincial coins.
The Money Museum.
A remarkable site that you must visit. The web at its slickest. Visit the Dream collection of the late Leo Mildenberg. Lots to do and see here.
Warren Esty's Complete Guide to Late Roman Bronze.
Covers Emperors from Valentinian I Through Valentinian III. Very well done!
Dane's page on RIC lists of late Roman Bronze coins
Dane has downloadable XL files based on coin types. Great if you don't have RIC
Odessa Museum of Numismatics
Coins of the northern Black Sea area from the Greek settlements and Scythians through the Roman period
The Hermitage in St Petersburg
Not many online, but those that are are special.
Astronomical Symbols on Ancient and Medieval Coins
Interested in early astronomical symbols on ancient coins? visit this site set up by Marshall Faintich.
American Numismatic Association
The largest professional association for coin enthusiasts. They have a large searchable database. Because of the limited number of illustrations, this site might be more approriate for more experienced collectors.
The Celator
A monthly journal devoted to ancient numismatics (Greece, Near East, Rome). A useful source of information for teachers, students, and collectors. Originally founded and produced by Wayne G. Sayles.
Hanne's Mayer's site
Wonderful site from the Captain Hannes Mayer. Hannes has interesting info on banker marks, overstrikes, and more. Recent additions include ROMAN PROVINCIAL and Roman Imperial ID engine. Extremely Useful Resources. Check out his tetegarden while there (And the once mine, now his, well traveled Athens Tetradrachm).
ANCIENT COINS & MODERN FAKES: How To Tell The Difference. An Authentication Primer
Useful information for those considering purchasing coins. By Dennis J. Kroh.
Arthur E. Noot
A site with much eye-appeal, good resources and information, and some coins for sale.
Coins Today
An online coin magazine with latest news and stories.
Roman Inscriptions
Need a legend: click here. Walter Holt's site has over 2400 obverse legends for Roman coins.
Ancient Coin Values
Jorg Lueke has created this valuable site which will eventually cover the gamut of ancient coins prices based on modern sales information.
Alta Vista's world langauges translation site
One of the wonders of the Web. However, be ready for a literal translation. You will need to use context clues to get the whole meaning.
Electronic Coin Collector's Guide
by Reid Goldsborough. Knowing how not to get scammed is vital knowlledge and Reid offers excellent advice!
Perseus Project
Searchable data base of antiquity located at Tufts Univ. actually a consortium of museums, universities and private collectors. Type in a search term and it will return images [often coins] and articles that are online. Great resource! I've searched camp gates, emperors, mint sites, altars, dieties, personifications, etc.
Islamic - Christian date converter

Greek Mythology
You just godda know your gods.
Regnal Chronologies
Need to know when a king, Queen, Satrap, etc. reigned? Check here.


Disclaimer: I eliminated links to individual dealers. The Vcoins site has everything for your coin collecting needs. Bill Puetz hosts the mother of all online coin shopping malls that has budget coins to gems across just about every ancient issuing locale.

Email Groups

If you want to meet and talk with experts and beginners alike, join one or more of these email lists. I have learned more about ancient coin collecting here than from any other source.

email list dedicated to the joys of ancient coin collecting. The period covered extends from the earliest coinage through medieval. email volume = HIGH.

email list - Bringing buyers and sellers of ancient and medieval coins together. You'll get heads up notices of what dealers are posting on auctions or offering privately. Volume = Moderate.

email list - Anything relating to uncleaned ancient/medieval/... coins, and pretty much anything else. A very entertaining and informative list. Volume = Very HIGH {you may want to sign up for the digest first].

Islamic coin group.

South Asia Coin Group
Here is an interesting thread from this group on gold fanams

Forum Ancient Coin's discussion board Claims to be the largest of its kind. Navigation is a bit more complicated than most.

Coin Talk A site on general coin discussion with a variety of subgroups - including one on World and Ancient.

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