A beautiful little gem of a coin - hemiobol of Caria

Caria, uncertain, first half 4th century BC, AR Persic Hemiobol (0.31 gm.) 7.51 mm.
Obv: young male head right; Karian inscription.
Rev: Sheep's head right.
Reference - SNG Helsinki I, 883
Ex: Tom Vossen

This coin is staggering in several respects. It's size at only .31 grams is remarkable in itself. I would have lost these by the dozens had I lived at that time. If it falls on the floor, it will take me a long time to find. What is most astounding is the detail and beauty of die engraving that went into it. I carve big things, but I cannot comprehend how this was done. The sheep has personality! The sine curved upper eyelid is very well done (The sheep reminds me of Shari Lewis' puppet lambchops.). The head of the boy is also a wonderful piece of artwork.

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