Modern coins with an ancient theme. Most of the coins below celebrate the Chinese Year of the Dragon.

Coins from upper left: 1. Canada au cameo; 2. Taiwan; 3. Tri State Round; 4. Hong Kong; 5. Dragon/Unicorn Round; 6. Vancouver Tael [my favorite]; 7. Dragon Culture-China; 8. China; 9. Isle of Man Crown; 10. Macau - 100 Patakas; 11. Somalia; 12. North Korea; 13. not sure 14 not sure 15. Australian (Perth Mint) series; 16. China.

So, my daughter told me it was the year of the dragon. I said, "Naw, it was the Y of the D just a couple years ago." Time flies - like 12 years. So let's see what I can do for the 2012 Year of the Dragon. Here is the beautiful rectangular series from the Perth Mint.

These do link to larger images.

And here is a cheap series from China, yet still beautiful. The largest is 120mm - plaque sized.

This image will give some idea of proportion. The silver coin is from 1988 Year of the Dragon. The larger coin is 120 mm

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