Modern Forgeries of Ancient Coins - Caveat Emptor

Yes, there are rip-off artists out there. This page is dedicated to the identification of modern counterfeits (as opposed to the ancient version of counterfeits = fourees). I certainly don't have the experience and eye to catch many of these. These are sites of more seasoned collectors. Be informed, not paranoid.

Late Roman Bronze - modern fakes Can you believe it - uncleaned fakes?!.
Late Roman Bronze - modern fakes Another great site on this topic by Bob Bischoff.
One more - Late Roman Bronze in uncleaned lots Jim's Great site with many images
Fake Coin Reports at Forvm Ancient Coins.
Ancient Coin Forgery Books at Forvm Ancient Coins.
Doug Smith's site scroll to the bottom of his index.
Antiquanova's site links to interesting articles
John Jencek's site many pictures
The French Firm CGB Numismatics Extensive images of modern forgeries with a story of how they came to the auction house
The Black Museum of Classical Coins Specializes in Bulgarian forgeries with many images.
Parthian Counterfeits & Forgeries at
Counterfeit Coin Detection - Many great resources
Ancient Coin Art's fake gallery - extensive table of images.
Barry and Darling's Fake or Real? page Can you tell the difference?
Ancient Coin Fakes and Deceptions List (ACDFL) Online discussion forum/chat group
ANCIENT COINS & MODERN FAKES by Dennis J. Kroh - An Authentication Primer
Internet/Ebay fakes Includes very good images along with the sellers
Slavey Catalog 12 Caesars list of Bulgarian master's work
Rogue's Gallery Ken Steiglitz offers great photos including edge on images of the telltale casting seam
Modern forgeries of Severus Alexander extensive images list
Tom Ross' image gallery Nice site
Robert Kokotailo of Calgary Coin extensive images list andscholarly commentary.
Counterfeit Ancient Chinese Coins on SCOTT SEMANS' site
Counterfeit Sri Lankan Coins Forgers are everywhere
Counterfeit Ancient Coins of India Includes status reports