The Most Beautiful Coins of Antiquity:

Nominations of collectors
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Delane Hewett sent this heart stopper. As a Trajan collector, I am in awwwwwe!
David Welsh gave me a choice of 4 coins. I chose this one merely due to the treatment of the eyes. The others were great too.
Herb Klug goes for this famous Katane Tetradrachm. Numismatica Ars Classica AG, Auction 13 (1998)
Rich Pearlman nominates this classic Corinthian Stater. Rich states that the double wing effect along with the composition and even gray toning of this coin makes it stand out in comparison to others of this type. Nice! The scan doe not do it justice.
Dan Hoffman elects the classic Herakles in lionskin tetradrachm from Alex the Great and his successors. Dan's example has a beautifully styled bust of Herakles and a marvelous reverse with muscled zeus with great features in the face. Notice the hand.
And another. This one from Gar Travis.
Zach Beasley's choice is this beautiful Sabina Denarius.
I allowed Jim Gossett to have two choices, because it's my site and I love these two. The first is a Larissa didrachm.
The 2nd in an Akanthos, Macedonian Tetradrachm. National Geographic quality action shot from 400 BCE
This one brought out a gasp from me. Brad Bowlin sent this Tryphon tetradrachm. My first view of this coin and I am almost speechless.
Another vote for the Romans by Thom Bray. A lovely portrait on this Livia denarius.
James J Lomiento submitted several beauties from his collection. I opted for this Lysimachos Tetradrachm because of the beautiful style.
And, Duncan Russell had me choose from four. I passed up some gold for this siliqua of Constantius II. The overall layout and centering of this coin is superb. Very noble portrait.
Delane Hewitt contributed a second coin which is amazing in it's detail. The coin from Tarentum has a realistic cuttlefish, nice stylistic waves, and a remarkable facing rider with flowing cloak.
Harry stewart's Sicilo Punic issue. They could do horses!
An impressive coin of Julian II with great detail on portrait, weapons, and armor - a great late Roman bronze coin.
Max Paschall contributed this sestertius of Britannicus. Great portrait and the reverse is superbly detailed.
Rob Rutherford chose a lovely Thasos Tetradrachm. These coins vary greatly in artistry and this one is of exceptional style.
Antonio Dell'elce also chose four coins, then narrowed it down to a dekadrachm and tetradrachm of Akragas, finally opting for the tet.
There could be no more fitting end to these pages than this coin submitted by Doug Smith. "In Praise of ancient celators" - This Syracusan hemilitron has a diameter of 10mm and weighs a mere .3g. The skills involved here boggle my mind.
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